03 September 2015

Fat Patty's

When you visit a new city in the United States, people typically recommend one burger joint over the others. In Huntington, West Virginia, that place is Fat Patty's

Sure, they have common bar appetizers like fried pickles, chips and salsa, soups and wraps here. They also sell chicken wings. But people go to Fat Patty's for the burgers.

The veggie burger, called the Not-So-Cow Patty, can be topped with cheese and comes with the traditional lettuce, tomato onions and pickles. The pretzel bun is a great add-on for the burger.

The restaurant, decked out in kitschy knick-knacks, is located adjacent to the Marshall campus. The atmosphere is somewhere between TGI Fridays and a Thundering Herd sports bar.

The drink menu is heavy on macro drafts and 1970s cocktails. Of course, not everybody requires Chateau Margaux with their cheeseburger.

Believe what the masses say when it comes to picking burgers. While the general public doesn't get everything correct, they are definitely right that people looking for a burger in Huntington need look no further that Fat Patty's.

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