31 May 2012

B G R The Burger Joint

BGR is a gourmet hamburger joint in Mobile. It's part of a small chain that has about 22 locations in nine states. Locations are mainly in the South, but other BGRs can be found in three different time zones.

The menu features a veggie burger and a variety of vegetarian sides, including vegetables and French fries.

The veggie burger patty was made with brown rice, black beans, oats and molasses on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and condiments. While the dressing was nice, the burger patty was dry, mealy and flavorless. It needed every bit of mayo on it and an ocean of ketchup to make the patty able to be swallowed. 

The fries were excellent. They varied between soft and crispy depending on the thickness of each potato. The grilled asparagus had a smoky flavor and a pleasant presentation.

Overall, it's nice that this chain makes an effort to include a burger option for vegetarians. They just have to work harder on the veggie burger recipe.

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18 May 2012

Newk's Express Cafe

Newk's Express Cafe is a fast-casual sandwich shop based in Mississippi. It is most comparable to McAllister's, a concept that could be described a Panera Bread with Southern touches and pizza.

Where McAllister's has a Southern accent, Newk's seems to have fully embraced its inner hillbilly. Despite its Southern roots, Newk's does offer plenty of options for both vegans and vegetarians. 

The menu is made up of toasted sandwiches, salads, soups and thin-crust pizza. The entree salads are definitely large enough to serve as a meal.

There are two vegetarian sandwiches, both served on a white sandwich roll. The veggie club is made with mushrooms, roasted red and yellow peppers, pesto and goat cheese.

The grilled cheese sandwich is prepared with Newk's house-made pimento cheese, which is also available for sale on its own. The sandwich is rich and slightly sweet, and it is a great use of a Southern staple.

Newk's has three vegetarian pizzas.The dessert menu consists of assorted baked goods and numerous cakes. 

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10 May 2012

Freedom a la Cart

If dining out during these economically trying times weighs on your conscience, Freedom a la Cart eases your mind by transforming your craving for a sandwich into an act of charity.

Freedom a la Cart is a Latin-themed food cart that always offers a vegan or vegetarian sandwich and side dish. The cart is run by Doma International, and proceeds go toward fighting human trafficking in central Ohio as well as organizations that support area survivors. 

The meatless sandwich is called the Papa. It is a vegan potato sandwich with a lemon white bean relish and a vegan garlic aioli made from almonds. The aioli added a richness to the bright cirtus flavors of the sandwich.

The vegan side was an orange blossom cole slaw made with organic red cabbage. The slaw was crunchy, and it displayed delightful floral notes from the orange blossom.

Freedom a la Cart can be found using social media. They are regularly at Double Happiness in the Brewery District on Wednesday.

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