22 December 2008

German Village Coffee Shop

I made a valiant attempt to defeat the enormous line at the Thurman Cafe. Everybody else was probably there for the enormous burger, and I was the only guy there for vegetarian food. However, the wait was just too much (thanks television), so instead I slipped next door to the German Village Coffee House.

GVCH keeps breakfast joint hours--they are not open for dinner. Half of the menu or more consists of breakfast items. I'm not a big eater of breakfast cuisine. The Coffee House does have a veggie omelette. I hate eggs, so I'll leave that to a braver soul than myself.

German Village Coffee House makes grilled cheese with a choice of sides (I ordered onion rings, although fries are also available). The double-decker grilled cheese is delightful. Three griddled bread slices are covered with melted American cheese in a towering sandwich that fills the stomach for less than $7 with onion rings and a fountain drink. Coffee and juice are also available.

There aren't a tremendous amount of vegetarian choices at German Village Coffee, but the grilled cheese is definitely a winner. Considering the price and the fact that I ate in less than 20 minutes, I'll definitely go back.

German Village Coffee
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