10 December 2010

L&L Indian Restaurant

L&L Indian Restaurant is a new Indian establishment on the Far West side of the city. Despite its humble appearance, L&L is a hidden gem for vegetarians and Indian food fanatics on Columbus' left side.

The owner of L&L has spent a long time working in other Indian restaurants in Columbus, such as Indian Oven and Curry & Kebab. The business is mostly focused on take-out as there is only seating for about 10.

Vegetarian options at L&L include palak paneer, aloo gobi, aloo matar, chana masala, veggie biryani and palak aloo. While there is naan, the starters are a little limited (no pakoras or samosas). The average entree price is about $8.

The palak paneer was delightful. Spinach is sauteed with onions, garlic and mild spices. It is augmented with creamy cubes of paneer cheese, a common Indian vegetarian protein source. With the side of basmati rice, the dish is delicious and satisfying.

The naan is also good. It is flecked with hints of black pepper that add an interesting note to a bread that's just as good by itself as it is scooping up whatever leftover chutneys or curries are floating around your table.

Overall, while L&L might not be Columbus' best Indian restaurant, it's still fairly priced and tasty. It definitely offers a safe bet for vegetarians on the West side outside of I-270.

L&L Indian Restaurant

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laura said...

I'm a vegan and work in Galloway, I was soooo excited when I read this post because I've been wanting an Indian place near work for over 2 years. As it is, the only vegan-friendly restaurants around here are Subway, Chipotle and Lily Teriyaki on Georgesville.

Alas, it was too good to be true. I drove there today for lunch and they're gone, the place is completely empty. Bummer! Still no Indian place anywhere near here. :(

deraj1013 said...

Shoot...that's too bad. I'll have to dig around in that area and see if I can find something else. Thanks for the update.