17 October 2011


Fans of fresh cut fries should flock to Tatoheads, my new favorite Columbus food cart.

The concept is simple: order potato or sweet potato fries, add seasoning to them and choose a house-made condiment. There is also a limited smattering of lunch items and fully-dressed fries (e.g. veggie chili cheese fries) that rotate on a regular basis.

Seasoning options include Chicago deep dish pizza, onion dill ranch, za'atar, cajun, herbs de Provence and parmesan peppercorn. Sauces include the original sauce, truffle aioli, curry aioli and red pepper cilantro ketchup.

The curry spice and curry aioli create a spicy explosion of rich flavors. The cilantro ketchup is bright and fresh. The original sauce is a mildly spicy ranch dip. All fries are made with Himalayan sea salt.

The veggie chili cheese fries are a meal in themselves. The chili has pinto and kidney beans, corn, tomatoes and cilantro. It must be eaten with a fork.

As a vegetarian, I find it easiest to treat Tatoheads as a side dish combined with a main component from another truck or restaurant.

Tatoheads is a fixture at the Pearl Alley market. Regular Facebook and Twitter updates plus food cart apps and Foursquare make Tatoheads as easy to find in the physical world as it is in the social network.

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Laura Rees said...

Yum, I've been wondering about them. Thanks for posting!