25 January 2012


Pitabilities is a food truck that specializes (obviously) in pita sandwiches. While there is only one vegetarian pita on the menu, there are different side dishes that allow for varied accompaniments.

Like most food trucks, Pitabilities can be tracked down via Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly enough, regular followers of Pitabilities' social media can score special discounts by picking up on the secret word, which changes daily.

The veggie pita is served on a warm, thick pita. It is dressed with garlic hummus. There is an amazing range of vegetables available that allows for a fantastic degree of customization for each sandwich. Options included bell peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, sprouts, cucumbers, black olives and tomatoes.

The shoestring fries are thin yellow fried potatoes like those found in typical take-out establishments. They were fairly uninspiring.

Other vegetarian options on the menu include a side salad, a Greek salad and garlic hummus with pita chips.

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