02 May 2009

McAlister's Deli

McAlister's is Alabama's answer to Panera Bread. They feature soups, salads and sandwiches alongside a few other options like pizza and baked potatoes. It is a fast casual restaurant with locations throughout the Yellowhammer State (and many other states, as well).

The veggie sandwich is a wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red pepper and Swiss cheese with a side of ranch dressing. It is as fresh as it is colorful.

Sandwiches come with a choice of side dishes. The vegetarian choices include macaroni and cheese, potato salad, chips, fresh fruit and applesauce.

McAlister's also features a veggie chili. It comes in a cup or a bowl, or poured on top of a platter of nachos. The chili is chock full of tomatoes and other vegetables, and it does not contain soy.

The menu also has three flatbread pizzas and a baked potato for vegetarians. The other big seller on the menu is McAlister's Sweet Tea, which comes by the glass or by the gallon.


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