08 January 2013

Noora's Persian Cuisine

Noora Persian Cuisine takes an outside the box approach to Mediterranean fare, offering grilled kebabs and appetizers that explode with fresh flavor. There are many vegetarian and vegan items on the menu. Some items must be special ordered.

The colorful decor reflects the warmth displayed by the staff. They took great care in explaining all of the dishes, and worked efficiently.

The appetizer sampler is a must-order for parties of two or more. Four dips are served with toasted flatbread. The mirza ghasemi is made from tomatoes and roasted eggplant. The deep, complex smoke builds with each bite. The potato salad was egg-heavy and herbaceous. The cucumber-mint yogurt dip is bright and refreshing. The hummus is about as good as any in Columbus.

The beef stew with stewed greens, split peas and lentils can be prepared for vegetarians. While it is an interesting dish texturally, the flavors were murky and one dimensional, lacking the savory punch that was probably added by the omitted beef. 

The kebabs, on the other hand, were flawless. Enormous mushrooms, red, green and yellow peppers, tomato and onions are nicely charred, and it is served with a spicy green sauce. It's a perfect complement to the veggies.

The dill yogurt beverage is a tart refreshment that is not for the faint of heart. It is a sour drink that quenches thirst with a viscous, pasty essence that never truly leaves the palate. File this under acquired tastes.

The house-made baklava is the perfect end to a meal.

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