08 November 2014

Cambridge Tea House

*Cambridge Tea House is an adorable spot to grab a spot of tea in Marble Cliff, alongside all the accompaniments that go well with the classic beverage of China/India/the U.K. The menu is replete with teas of all types, as well as soups, salads, sandwiches and baked goods.

As one would expect at a tea house, the age demographic skews on the old side. Service was relaxed and a little uneven due to a busy lunch crowd.

The decor is tastefully restrained. The colors, table cloths and curtains call back to yesterday. The exposed brick adds a nice touch to the interior.

The tomato bisque lived under a thin layer of Parmesan shavings. The flavor was bright with layers of basil and time showing through.

The veggie sandwich was served on a thinly sliced, eggy white bread. The bread was spread with lemon hummus, and then stacked with sliced carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, cucumbers and avocados. The variety of textures work well together, and fresh vegetables marry well with the citrus in the hummus.

The scones come in many flavors, and they look like the perfect accompaniment to a pot of tea. 

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Anonymous said...

Cambridge tea house … called a week in advance for reservation (for 2 at 2:30PM), was told by lady who answered that they are usually out of quiche & scones by that time. If we wanted either need to call back & preorder them. Called back after talking to my friend, to pre order scones. Said to lady that answered that I was not sure if she was the one I originally talked to or not. She said no but saw the reservation for 2:30PM & she just wanted to inform me that they were having a private party at 4PM that day. I asked her if my reservation was a problem being at 2:30PM. She said “It’s no problem, you will have enough time to eat, but I just wanted you to know we have a private party at 4PM.
Arrived for our 2:30PM reservation (in dresses). Greeted by a college age girl, she offered the seating to us: either outside; at the little 2 seat bar by the window (high bar stools); or the table for 2 that the one chair is not across from the other, but on the side of the table (so both of you are smashed into the one side of the table) because if it were across it would block the kitchen table.
We stated we wanted to eat in the main seating area (not offered to us) since it was out 1st time there & it was my birthday. Told that was not a choice. I asked to speak to the manager. She came out of the kitchen & I told her we wanted to sit in the main area, & that when I made the reservation I was told there would be no problem with our reservation. There were 2 women sitting in the main area when we arrived & were still there. The mgr. said we could not sit in the main area (nice roomy table for 2 with white tablecloth). We had to sit all cramped up or outside because they had to set up for their private party. I said no we would not, then as the mgr. was rubbing her hands together like she was cooking up a plan, said “OK, FINE, go ahead & sit wherever you want….I’LL MAKE SURE IT’s A FINE high tea I SERVE YOU.” As if it were a dare or challenge. Then she turned & flew back into the kitchen.
Needless to say we walked out since we felt so welcome there.