18 February 2008

Plank's Pizza

I'm still actively trying to track down the best pizza in and around Columbus. My latest venture was Plank's Cafe and Pizza on Parsons.

Plank's features thin crust pizza with all of the usual suspects available as toppings. They also offer sandwiches (including a vegetarian sub) as well as salads, a variety of fried appetizers and soups (warning: I don't know if the soups are vegematarian friendly).

Just looking at Plank's pizza, I wanted to hate it. It looked like a fairly standard thin crust pizza. I got green peppers, mushrooms and onions as toppings. The toppings were fresh, but definitely not top quality.

My first bite also caused me mild apprehension, as the sauce was very sweet. However, despite my initial prejudice against Ohio pie and Plank's sweet sauce, it began to grow on me. It grew so quickly in fact that I ate the whole damned thing.

Plank's is a mini chain, with three locations. I understand that the pizza is slightly different at each place, so I'll have to do some future investigating on the subject.

This is good pizza. It isn't in the same class as some of my favorites (Adriatico's, Hound Dog's, Wholly Joe's), but it was competitive with the most of the area thin crust offerings. I'll definitely grab another after work in the near future.


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