31 May 2008

Cardone's Restaurant

Some might describe Cardone's in Westerville as intimate. Others would call it small. However you call it, you'd better show up early, because the seats seem to fill up fast in this casual Italian eatery.

I don't know if it was busy because of the recent Dispatch write up, or if it's the product of a loyal customer base, but we got the last seats available on Friday night. Capacity appears to be around 35, so plan accordingly.

Cardone's has a fairly decent amount of vegetarian (although not vegan) choices for appetizers and main courses on the menu. I went with the portabello caps stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan and basil with fresh tomatoes for an appetizer. It was delicious.

The five cheese ravioli in a basil cream sauce with candied walnuts was even better. Hints of garlic make the pesto sublime, and the walnuts add an extra layer of savory flavors that enrich the dairy sinew. The salad was also quite good.

The wine list is small, with a most but not all wines coming from Italy. They also have beer--Chimay red by the by the bottle--need I say more?

The interior is small, with textured paint on the walls along with a collection or classic paintings and pictures above a black and white tile floor. The food is excellent, and the menu has a number of vegetarian items, but there is a finite amount of seating that will require careful pre-planningto avoid waiting for a seat.


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