19 August 2008

Giammarco's Pizza

Giammarco's is a small Italian restaurant in Westerville. They feature a menu with pizza and a variety of traditional Italian dishes. There are more than a few vegetarian (but no vegan) items on the menu.

The interior is actually a surprise when you walk through the door. From the outside, Giammarco's looks like a take-out joint (which it very much is). However, there are many tables inside the wood-lined walls decorated with faux Italian knick knacks.

I sampled the Margherita pizza, which was great. It had huge basil leaves and slices of tomato atop melted buffalo mozzarella on a thin, crispy crust. The pizza was delicious--Margherita is a classic style that is oft imitated, never duplicated, but Giammarco's hits the mark.

The service was a little sluggish. Luckily the staff was courteous and took the time to explain the problem. I'll give it a one thumb up, one thumb down on my service experience.

The menu also has a veggie sub, garlic bread, fried ravioli, spaghetti and marinara, penne alfredo and a number of other pizza joint/Italian classics.

Giammarco's Pizza

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