11 August 2008

The Happy Greek

The Happy Greek is nestled in the campus gentrification project that is the South Campus Gateway (there is also a location in the Short North, but I visited the Northernmost location). They feature a number of Greek and other Mediterranean options in a wooden and steel dining room that also includes outdoor seating.

Happy Greek scores points for my favorite vegetarian technique--labeling the vegetarian items on the menu. Greek restaurants typically feature a few vegetarian options, and when the menu is rounded out with hummus and baba as they are at the Happy Greek, vegetarian diners are challenged by an army of choices.

There are a great variety of starters, but when presented with the option of flaming cheese, how could I order anything else. Saganaki is Kefalograviera (a mild Greek cheese) engulfed in 151 Rum flames. The dish is rooted in Chicago's Greek Town, and the delicious bubbling cheese is sure to leave a smile on your face as well as an amazed look at the tables of your neighbors. Special note: I shot a short video of the flaming cheese. It's sideways, but you can at least get a feel for the experience. Or check out this better video of the same experience.

As with the starters, the main course options for vegetarians are numerous at the Happy Greek. I selected the veggie pastitsio, a Greek lasagna in a tomato basil-cream sauce. The noodles have zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, celery and herbs layered between them, with bechamel, cheese and tomato sauce dripping between the stacked pasta. The plate is topped with a layer of fresh herbs, and it is deliciously satisfying.

I can't speak for the quality of the other location, as I have only eaten at the campus location. The Happy Greek does feature a great selection of vegetarian food for those looking for meatless eats with a Hellenic flair, so I imagine both locations are worth checking out.

Happy Greek

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deraj1013 said...

The North Campus location is closing...although the Short North Happy Greek is still flying.

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