11 April 2009

Sandwich Stop

I was crushed by the recent news that Deli in the Alley was closed. It was always a trusty spot with tons of sandwiches available for the vegetarian-inclined diner. When I read about Sandwich Stop, the new place taking the place of the Deli in the Alley, I had to see how it measured up to its predecessor.

Sandwich Stop is less of a deli and more of a burger joint. The new menu has more breakfast items and a wider dessert selection than Deli in the Alley did.

The decorations have been stripped, and the interior looks more Spartan than Deli in the Alley (although I'm sure the decor will progress as new proprietors John Mason and Lorenzo Lovejoy stretch their legs). The counter set-up and the tables are the same as before.

Unlike Deli in the Alley, the Sandwich Stop features only one vegetarian sandwich: the veggie burger. The burger is baked (saving squeamish vegetarians from having their veggie patty grilled next to a spattering mound of animal flesh). It is served with a choice of veggies, cheeses and condiments, as well as a choice of side dishes that includes potato salad, potato chips and cole slaw.

Although the veggie burger was fairly good, I might like to see one more vegetarian sandwich on the menu. I'll recommend a veggie wrap or something of that nature. It would provide a greater array of options for the karma-conscious diner.

The Sandwich Stop is open six days per week. It is closed Sunday, and like most Downtown establishments, the Sandwich Stop closes early.

Sandwich Stop

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