19 April 2009

Tasi Cafe

I seem to be behind the curve on a few places in Columbus, and Tasi Café continues the pattern. Probably every newspaper, magazine, television show, radio program, blog and Web site has reviewed the place before I have.

What can I add to this ongoing discussion? Oh yeah...I'll cover the vegetarian dining experience at Tasi.

The menu at Tasi is essentially breakfast items, baked goods, sandwiches and comfort-food side dishes. It is owned and operated by Tasi Rigsby and her husband Kent. The pair also work at Rigsby's Kitchen and Flatiron Grill. Tasi Café is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and it is open for dinner every day but Sunday.

There are many breakfast items at Tasi Café for ovo-vegetarians. I'm more lacto than ovo, so I opted for a sandwich with a side of fries with parmesan and pepper flakes. The fries are really tasty. The pepper adds a hint of spiciness, and the parmesan peeks through in subtle bursts.

There are two vegetarian sandwiches on the menu. The bread for the sandwiches and side orders is baked by Eleni-Christina Bakery, owned and operated by none other than Kent and Tasi Rigsby. Sandwiches also come with a side of house made potato chips. The sandwich I did not try was the grilled aged cheddar and tomato sandwich on sourdough panini bread.

The sandwich I ordered was filled with chevre, roasted red peppers, arugala and pine nuts in a shell of starchy, multigrain panini bread goodness. This particular chevre is a mild, creamy goat cheese. It's tanginess pairs nicely with the peppers, and the pine nuts give the sandwich a delicious crunch.

The prices at Tasi are very fair. The meatless sandwiches are both less than $8, and the plate of French fries adds $3 to the tab. Service is fast casual, and seating is cafeteria-style.

Tasi Cafe

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