06 August 2009

Luna Burgers at the Hills Market

I headed up to the Hills Market to check out their outdoor grill The Veranda. I heard good things about locally produced Luna Vegan Burgers, which are featured in the store and on the outdoor grill.

The Hills Market is a great outlet for the finest food from Ohio and other points on the globe. They offer a great beverage selection, a tremendous amount of cheese and the freshest produce.

The Veranda is open during the summer for lunch hours. The menu features vegetarian selections that include a Luna Veggie burger and a grilled portabella sandwich with roasted red peppers and provolone. The burger comes with a choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, Swiss, pepperjack, Cheddar and American cheese, and condiments. I wussed out because the Veranda was busy and because my home grill is far more meatless than the Hills' grill. I instead enjoyed a Luna Burger in my own living room.

Luna Burger makes three different vegan patties. There is a classic patty, a farmhouse chili burger and a garden thyme patty. The texture is crispy and crumbly when grilled. The farmhouse chili patty has subtle Southwestern spices that come out nicely on the grill.

Luna Burgers are also available at a few other retailers and markets, including the Clintoville Farmers' Market, the Westerville Farmers' Market, the Bexley Natural Market and the Clintonville Community Market. They are also available from Columbus' finest vegan hot dog cart Rad Dog.

Luna Burger-Hills Market Veranda


Amanda said...

Thank you for this! Got one from Rad Dog downtown, and it was dee-lish on a pretzel roll w/mustard.

Amanda said...

Thanks for this! Got a Luna burger from Rad Dog downtown last week, and it was delicious on a pretzel roll with mustard. As a fellow vegetarian downtown worker, I appreciate your blog!

deraj1013 said...

Glad you enjoyed it.