16 March 2010

The Shrunken Head

The Shrunken Head is the newest revision of the former Victorian's Midnight Cafe. They are keeping the late night live music while adding more than a few menu options for vegetarians.

Apparently the Shrunken Head offers breakfast for much of the day. Since I had already eaten breakfast, I tried the lunch menu on for size.

The chalk board menu advertised bagels topped with cream cheese or brie. The lunch choices included a vast array of veggie burgers as well as a couple of vegetarian appetizers.

My starter was referred to as a tacodilla. It was a quesadilla that was folded like a taco instead of being layered. It was filled with tomatoes and green onions. The tacodilla was decent, although next time, I plan on sampling the hummus plate. Other vegetarian starters include cheesy garlic bread and a house salad.

There are five different veggie burgers on the menu. Most feature a black bean veggie patty dressed in a variety of ways and served with a side of spicy potato chips.

I chose the Veg Volcano. The veggie burger was topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and jalapeño in a smoky chipotle sauce. It was an explosion of flavor that was fantastically spicy (and this is coming from a guy who puts hot sauce on his breakfast cereal, so that means something). The only topping I found that didn't fit the flavor profile was the pickles, which didn't add anything to the sandwich. I would hold them from my order next time, although they hardly ruined a tasty sandwich.

Other veggie burgers include one with the typical lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle toppings and a barbeque burger. The menu also included a grilled cheese sandwich and a spicy grilled cheese.

The bar has 70 beer selections, including about eight on draft. Future plans include converting the back patio into a tiki lounge, which should come with the requisite mai tai, scorpion and zombie cocktails that accompany such an endeavor. Happy hour runs from 4-7 pm and features $2 drafts, $3 wine and $1 off cocktails.

The interior is dark and decorated with bright faux-Caribbean motifs, including the Shrunken Head logo. The staff was friendly and capable, getting my lunch finished in about 40 minutes.

While the Shrunken Head is currently in its infancy, the pile of veggie burger options will definitely see me back there. I'll have to see how the place develops.

Shrunken Head Cafe

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Anonymous said...

I got a long black hair in the meat of one of my burgers there last week. Just a heads up- watch out!

Anonymous said...

That's unfortunate but keep in mind that you can get a hair in your food anywhere you go. Don't let that deter you from trying the place out. The food and atmosphere are really worth it.