31 March 2010

Christina Cooks

I might be late to the party here, but in case I wasn't, I figured that I would give a shout out to the vegetarian cooking show on PBS Christina Cooks. It usually airs on the weekends on local affiliate WOSU. It also appears during the week on WOSU-Plus.

If you're sick of Emeril cooking animal parts on the Food Network, or watching the Top Chefs offend your vegetarian sensibilities on Bravo, then Christina Cooks might be just what the doctor ordered. The show is hosted by Christina Pirello, and the program focuses on vegetarian, vegan and raw recipes for the home cook.

I find the dad-rock music to be a strange addition to the themes of the show, but all-in-all, the program does a great job introducing vegetarian cooks with varying degrees of kitchen skill sets to new ways of coaxing flavor and nutrition from their meals. Christina Cooks is definitely worth checking out for vegetarians that feel under-represented on the tube.

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