09 August 2010

Ohio Deli and Restaurant

Ohio Deli is a Columbus establishment made immortal by Man v. Food. In the episode, Adam Richman takes down the Dagwood challenge, a sandwich made with a pound and a half of lunch meat with a side pound of fries and a pickle. It must be eaten in 30 minutes.

However, this is a vegetarian blog. So I figured that I would take one for the team and figure out what a vegetarian eats at a restaurant famous for having giant deli meat sandwiches.

Surprisingly, the Ohio Deli has an expansive, diner-esque menu. While there aren't tons of meatless options, there are a couple of meatless salads, sides and sandwiches available for those looking to avoid the physiological damage of the Dagwood challenge.

Vegetarian options include a few breakfast items, a house salad, fruit salad, stuffed tomato, French fries, onion straws, mozzarella cheese sticks, poppers, grilled cheese, and a veggie burger.

The French fry/onion straw combo comes with a side of (anchovy-less) remoulade sauce. The Mayonnaise-based side add a creamy, tart accent to the crispy fries and onions.

The veggie burger was average at best. While it was described as a patty made with black beans and veggies, they failed to mention that it was frozen and made by Boca burger (or one of their ilk). The bun is ample and fresh. Overall, it's a passable sandwich considering its price point. Order this or the grilled cheese if one of your unhealthy friends decides to undertake the Dagwood challenge.

Ohio Deli at least caters to vegetarians. While the meatless fare isn't great, since it's cheap and soundly made, it will do in a pinch.

Ohio Deli

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