03 August 2010

On the Fly brunch

I sampled On the Fly's brunch this Sunday. While I have previously raved about the "street food" menu at On the Fly and the above-the-rim offerings at Dragonfly, this was my first On the Fly brunch.

The Dragonfly brunch was always a tremendous way to experience one of the best restaurants in the city, as Dragonfly itself is a great way to show diners that vegan food can have as great a complexity as its animal-based competition. The On the Fly brunch offers a completely different menu than the one featured every day at Dragonfly's inexpensive carry-out, including Toad Hill eggs. Vegans can feel safe, though: the egg dishes like the huevos rancheros were able to be made as a tofu scramble, too.

Some of the other menu options included a breaded portabella cutlet, vegan bouillabaisse, vegan cioppino, eggs (or not eggs) Benedict and a French toast sandwich. On the Fly has expanded its outdoor seating, allowing more people to be served in the small space.

The cioppino was an interesting play on an idea. It was a great showcase for seasonal produce. Traditionally, cioppino is a tomato-based San Francisco seafood stew. The vegan preparation has great tomato and fennel notes. There is tender eggplant, summer squash, mushrooms, carrots and two giant potato ravioli, garnished with a toasted bread that helps soak up the flavor of the dish.

Brunch at On the Fly is definitely a great experience, as should be expected. It might be a decent option for those who couldn't drag somebody to a vegan restaurant kicking and screaming; now they can eat egg dishes. While some might see adding eggs to the menu of a previously vegan establishment as an issue, since the eggs are a local farm product, and since the menu is still almost entirely devoid of animal products, vegans can still go to On the Fly without fear.

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joven said...

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kitchen table said...

What is that food? The look is so weird. I wonder how it tastes. My father tells me that it is a good dish. I am so curious in that dish and I want to try it.

deraj1013 said...

The picture above the post is ciopinno. It is traditionally a seafood stew, but this version is made with potato ravioli rather than fish. It is tomato-based.

uhockey said...

Not a vegan or veg, but very nicely done blog. Cheers from one Cbus blogger to another.

deraj1013 said...

I have you linked in my food section in my rail. I check your blog pretty regularly. I'm infinitely jealous of your out-of-town restaurant write ups...maybe I need to travel more!