22 June 2011

Babushka's Kitchen

Babushka's Kitchen is a small Ohio chain. Clintonville is home to the Central Ohio location of the kitschy Polish fast-casual eatery.

Polish food is notoriously vegetarian unfriendly. Pierogi and placki give meatless diners at least a couple of options at Babushka's.

The potato and cheddar pierogi were perfectly pan fried with sweet onions. The filling was rich and flavorful. The onions might have benefitted from a finer chop.

The potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane for Polish purists) are served with sour cream and applesauce as condiments. The sour cream was served in a small portion that seemed almost rationed. The applesauce added a sweet, spicy element to the Polish staple.

The cucumber salad had a bright, fresh flavor. Although most traditional Polish cucumber salads are made with sour cream, the sweetened vinegar dressing nonetheless had an authentic flavor. The rye bread, however, was nearly free of character.

The kolachky are a soft and sweet conclusion to a meal. The raspberry was a sweet, jammy treat, and the cream cheese cookies tasted like a contained cheesecake bite.

The dining area is split into rooms dedicated to Warsaw and Krakow. Colors are red and white like the Polish flag, and the coat of arms is painted large on the wall.

Babushka's Kitchen

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