09 June 2011

Lexi's on Third

Lexi's on Third is the newest sibling in the Danny's Deli family. The youngest sister features a bigger menu than its predecessors served in a brisk fashion befitting a Downtown breakfast and lunch spot.

The menu at Lexi's is far more vegetarian friendly than the menu at Danny's. There are meatless salads, a grilled cheese sandwich, a veggie wrap, an egg salad sandwich and a Luna Burger in addition to a bevy of side dishes.

Lexi's squeezed in a decent amount of seating into the restaurant. In addition to the dining room, there is ample seating on the outdoor patio. They also serve alcohol.

The veggie wrap is stuffed with avocado, mushroom, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar and Swiss cheese with sun-dried tomato pesto and Italian dressing. The synergy of flavors works harmoniously well together.

In terms of the side dishes, the onion rings had a fantastic crunch but were served in too small of a portion. The potato salad looked unappetizing served from an ice cream scoop, yet it was deliciously subtle with a bright mustard tang that proves that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

The most impressive part of the experience at Lexi's was the speed at which they delivered lunch. Although I was 10th in line, it took less than 30 minutes from standing in line to walking out the door with a full belly. The rapid delivery of high quality sandwiches should endear Lexi's to area workers.

Lexi's on Third

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