21 March 2012

Flip Side

Flip Side is a fancy hamburger joint that started in the Akron area. The first location in Central Ohio opened recently at Easton.

The decor at Flip Side is fun. There is an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients on the menu.

Despite the burger focus, Flip Side actually does have a few vegetarian menu options.

The first warning for vegetarians is that many of the fried items are fried in lard. The staff asked the kitchen and did a great job pointing out vegetarian items on the menu.

The macaroni and cheese is vegetarian. Straight macaroni noodles are dressed with a creamy white cheddar sauce that is flecked with oregano and parsley. It had a nice creaminess but was undersalted.

The veggie burger is prepared low-carb with two chickpea patties surrounding avocado, sprouts and romaine alongside house made ketchup. The patties were crispy on the outside and soft and crumbly on the inside. It is a tasty veggie burger that might benefit if it were served on a bun.

There are a couple of thick shakes on the menu. The blueberry pie shake was delicious and gave the straw fits.

The beer list at Flip Side was heavy on small brewers. The were 20 taps, as well as bottled option from Ohio producers including Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Rivertown, Columbus Brewing Company and Elevator.

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