14 March 2012

Sun Tong Luck Asian Cuisine

Sun Tong Luck is a gem of a restaurant settled into a strip mall on Bethel Road. The modest decor belies the high quality vegetarian and vegan fare served there.

Owner and chef Frank Louie has been a fixture in Chinese food in Central Ohio since 1982. His wife is a gracious host who effortlessly recalls the ordering specifications of regular customers.

Service is quick. While Sun Tong Luck is geared toward take-out, there is seating for about 20 inside. Prices are reasonable.

Sun Tong Luck focuses on healthy ingredients. They use separate vegetarian equipment in the kitchen. The staff capably addresses all requests for vegan food.

The spring rolls are fried. The vegan dumplings taste great with hot mustard or soy sauce.

Tofu dishes can be prepared with the bean curd boiled or fried. There are 13 vegetarian or vegan entrees on the menu.

The General Tso's tofu was delightfully spiced. The house made sauce is slightly less sweet than the goopy mess that dresses this dish at lesser establishments. The version at Sun Tong Luck is excellent.

The black bean tofu is prepared in a traditional sauce with broccoli, carrots and water chestnuts adding texture. It was well prepared.

Overall, Sun Tong Luck offers great choices for vegetarians. It isn't the flashiest, but it packs a lot of punch for the price.

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queenbea said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I stopped by when I was in this part of town and was really impressed by the options, quality and flavor. I love Chinese food, and appreciate not having to cross my fingers that the sauce on my tofu/veggies is truly vegetarian.

deraj1013 said...

They are very accommodating to vegetarian AND vegan diners. All you have to do is ask. But the vegetable dished are all at least vegetarian, and many can be made vegan upon request.

filipino woman said...

Hi, this looks really good. My sister in law who is an Indian is vegetarian so I had been looking for vege restaurants or recipe and found this page. This looks really good and hoping to find a recipe for this.