05 April 2012

Street Thyme

Street Thyme is the latest food truck to hit the streets of Columbus. Although the focus is burgers, vegetarians need not fear: Street Thyme also makes a damned good veggie burger.

The Owner of Street Thyme, Steven Zeppetella, is the sous chef at Elevator. This menu gives him a chance to work with items that are more informal than those at Elevator.

All of the burgers at Street Thyme, including the veggie burger, are doubles. Burgers are served on a toasted Klosterman's bun.

The veggie burger, called the High Street Herbivore, is a house made patty with lentils, chickpeas and corn as well as a variety of other vegetables with a curried yogurt condiment. The texture is soft, and the flavor is bright and fresh.

The tater tots are dusted in barbecue spices. The outside of the tots was crispy, and the shredded potatoes are a great canvas to bring out its nuanced smoky flavors.

Street Thyme has a rotating cast of milkshake flavors. The Butterfinger banana shake was a match made in heaven. The other flavor was strawberry rhubarb.

Street Thyme keeps a schedule on its website. Like most other food trucks, they can be located on Twitter and Facebook.


Priya said...

My friends and I checked out the Street Thyme truck last weekend at the Gahanna Creekside Jazz Festival. We inquired about vegan options and were told that although the burger itself is vegan, the bun is not. They claimed that they tried vegan buns, but people didn't want them. They also told us that if we get the burger without the curried yogurt, it would lack flavor. Their tone was quite condescending and dismissive. Just wanted to let your vegan readers know that Street Thyme is not vegan-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it's fair to low ball a place simply because their menu isn't friendly to your diet. You're going to a BURGER truck that serves BURGERS and shakes - not a big shocker they don't have a ton of vegan options. Give them Kudos for trying. I follow these guys and their gourmet burgers are incredibly delicious. My friend ordered the vegan burger at the Arts festival recently and she loved it. They told her the same thing about the bun and the special yogurt sauce. I don't think they sounded condescending, just knowledgable about quality food. My husband (who is a self-proclaimed picky eater) devoured his standard heeseburger. He later confessed it was so good he wished he'd ordered a second one. My point is if they never claimed to be vegan or vegetarian friendly I don't think it's fair to hold them to your personal expectations of what they should serve.