06 September 2008

Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus

Elevator isn't exactly the most vegetarian-friendly brew pub in Columbus. But when you make beer this good, I could almost care less (Editors note: I will do just about anything for beer for those looking to bribe me--that's right, I absolutely can be bought).

The menu is biased towards flesh food. There are a limited number of salads on the menu in addition to the hummus and the vegetable strudel (my veggie selections). These aren't vegan-friendly eats. Wash it down with an Oktoberfest and don't say I didn't warn you.

The Oktoberfest is the latest seasonal. It has a malty aroma with a rich, caramel flavor accented by a mild hop bitterness. The lager is light and clean with a hints of anise and tree fruit. The Coal Porter is opaque, showcasing layers of coffee, chocolate, soy sauce and brown sugar flavors that round into a delightful quaff. There are a number of other drafts brewed by Elevator that are featured on a regular basis, as well as a constantly changing array of seasonal offerings. Brewmaster Vic Schiltz's beers are always tasty, and the brews are matched to the items on the menu.

Elevator is a different concept than most brew pubs. The food is definitely more upscale and pricy than the typical neighborhood beer bar. Happy Hour is always a good shot to save a few bucks off the regular prices.

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Kate said...

Elevator will be part of North Market's Columbus Microbrew Festival this weekend, if you're into their beer. My husband and I went last year, and with each tasting ticket, you basically got half a glass of beer, plus you keep the glass, so if you like many of the C-bus area brewers (including Barley's, CBC, and Gordon Biersch), it's a pretty decent deal.

deraj1013 said...

I should be there with bells on. I know most of Columbus' brewing community, but I'm less familiar with Weasel Boy. It should be fun.