13 June 2012

OH! Burgers

OH! Burgers is a food truck specializing in sliders. There are two mini-burgers per order.

The veggie burger patty is quinoa, black bean, rice, onions and peppers. It is served on a soft white bun from the French Loaf in Grandview, and it is topped with bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato and mustard.

The flavor of the burger has layers of smoke and sweetness. The texture of the patty is soft, and the burger crumbles so much that it resembles a sloppy Joe more than a burger. The preparation of the veggie burger at OH! Burgers is evolving, so consider the recipe a bit of a work in progress.

The house made sweet potato chips were an addictive delight. They were paper thin, and the paper bag that contained the chips soaked up some but not all of the excess grease. It's a nice upgrade over ordinary bagged chips despite the minor shortcoming.

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