22 June 2012

Spud Bus

Spud Bus was at the Park Street Festival. It sells fresh cut fries with a variety of condiments.

The Spud Bus is based in Reynoldsburg. It operated at a rapid pace.

There are Idaho russet and sweet potato fries prepared in peanut oil. Dip choices include sun dried tomato mayo, parmesan pesto, mustard, nacho cheese and ranch. They are served in a paper cone in a manner reminiscent of Belgian frites.

The standard fries were starchy and lacked crispness. Fresh cut fries are a nice idea, but this batch was imperfect.

The pesto dip was too thick and had a green, medicinal aftertaste. Perhaps one of the other dips or the complimentary ketchup would be better options.

The fries from Spud Bus were unspectacular. The Tatoheads truck is decidedly more fun and flavorful.

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