25 October 2012

Couva Calypso Cafe

Couva Calypso Cafe is a small Tennessee chain with a tremendous variety of menu items for vegetarian and vegan diners. Service is fast-casual, and prices are inexpensive.

Though the main focus of the cuisine at this restaurant is Caribbean, there are also plenty of Americanized vegetarian options like a veggie burger for less adventurous eaters. Many dishes contain black beans, and the legume makes many appearances in the dining room decor.

The menu consists of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and combo platters built around the ubiquitous black beans. Vegan and vegetarian menu items are identified by symbols.

The nachos come in a massive portion, topped with cheese, black beans, tomatoes, peppers and red onions. While it's a solid starter to share, the barbecue sauce added little to the dish. Salsa would make a more natural accompaniment.

The stand-alone black beans have a smoky essence with hints of garlic and citrus. The St. Lucian rice is a good addition to the Beans and Three platter, an order of beans with three different sides. The mustard greens had a clean flavor that is surprisingly mild. The spiced sweet potatoes are topped with grated coconut, and its sweetness is wrapped up by spicy cinnamon and nutmeg.

Couva Calypso Cafe has a few dessert items, including lime pie, carrot cake and chocolate mint squares. They sell a limited selection of bottled beers.

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