17 October 2012

Hillbilly Tea

Hillbilly Tea is a restaurant serving delicious Southern takes on tea house fare. You feel the tongue-in-cheek humor walking through the door, but the food coming out of the kitchen is seriously delicious.

They take great pains selecting fresh ingredients for Chef Arpi Lengyel's kitchen, accompanied by tasty teas. Vegan and vegetarian choices abound on the menu.

There are two levels of seating at Hillbilly Tea. There was live bluegrass on the first floor during Sunday brunch.

Brunch was split about evenly between breakfast and lunch items. Those looking for sweet or savory choices would be equally pleased.

The corn fried tofu with house made barbecue sauce is on the brunch and dinner menus. These are like tofu hush puppies, and they could be eaten by the truckload. The smoky sauce adds punch to this starter.

The vegan forest mushroom burger had nice grill marks, and it was served on a fluffy square bun. The earthy flavor gave the patty a rich base, and the slaw and tomato jam add a sweet contrast.

The biscuits and mushroom gravy were served with a poached egg. The dish's plating was striking.

Other meatless items on the brunch menu include a smoked tofu scramble and cornmeal pancakes with molasses syrup, fruit and smoked butter. There is chicken fried tofu on the dinner menu.

The teas are available hot and cold in a variety of blends and varietal selections. Hillbilly Tea also has a full bar that serves tea-infused vodka.  

Service was quick and friendly. The menu takes much of the guesswork out of vegan and vegetarian menu items, but the server still made excellent recommendations.

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