17 December 2007


It just looks delicious, doesn't it? You can feel your blood sugar skyrocketing and your arteries hardening just thinking about pizza. Adriatico's New York Style (misnomer) pizza, an Ohio State institution, can do all these things with ease, and it tastes pretty damn good doing so.

Adriatico's is always on the top of Columbus' pizza rankings. I'm not sure if there actually are officially sanctioned pizza rankings like the college football AP poll or whether it is a more informal consensus system, but the rankings always see Adriatico's near the top.

(Actually, according to the menu, Adriatico's was voted People's Choice Best Pizza in the Columbus Pizza Challenge six times in an event that is no doubt the BCS championship game of Franklin County's pizza championship series.)

I tried the pan pizza (called Sicilian crust) with green peppers and mushrooms. The crust is thick, buttery and loaded with garlic. There is also a thin crust that I did not try. The sauce is tart and slightly sweet. The mushrooms are real mushrooms rather than canned factory fungus.

The large pizza is enormous and could feed four hungry people. The Buckeye size is even bigger than that and could feed every Bears quarterback during the Brett Favre era for what I would guestimate is about a week.

There is a relatively standard list of toppings available. There is a specialty vegetarian pizza with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, green olives and extra cheese, as well as a sliced tomato pizza with black olives, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. There is also a veggie zoni (calzone) and a veggie sub as well as salads and breadsticks. But the main attraction remains the pizza.

Check out the pictures and stop in Adriatico's to get your fill of fat and carbs...I might need somebody to help me finish the pie!

Adriatico's New York Style Pizza

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