13 December 2007

Cafe Corner

I got scooped for lunch by my own newspaper today. I've been planning on grabbing lunch at Cafe Corner all week, and I didn't get there until the article appeared in this morning's Weekender section.

To be fair, the same author wrote a piece about Cafe Corner 18 months ago, so he beat me by quite some time to the spot (as did Columbus Alive). Luckily for me he failed to address vegetarian dining options in his reviews, so it left the territory unclaimed...until now.

The tiny storefront serves up a number of vegetarian sandwiches and salads. I tried the pesto avocado sandwich (pictured above), which was made on a crusty white bread with goat cheese, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and walnut pesto. The tangy goat cheese and the rich texture of the avocado were greatly complemented by the pesto, which had a hint of sweetness that I'm guessing came from the nuts.

The side dishes were interesting as well. The sandwiches can be served with Cape Cod chips, which are good quality chips with a strong crunch, or an apple for those looking for a healthier alternative to fried potato snacks.

There are many other vegetarian options on the menu. There is a fancy PB and J sandwich that is made with natural peanut butter, strawberry preserves and parmesan chips. The beet sandwich is made with Boursin cheese ( a soft French cheese with herbs), walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette.

The tomato mozzarella sandwich has the extra added kick of pesto. There is an avocado wrap that differs from the sandwich described and pictured before. There is also a feta sandwich with cucumbers, lettuce, tomato and onions in a lemon cucumber sauce that comes in spinach wrap, as well as an eggplant parmesan sandwich. You can also build your own sandwich to make your meal fit your particular taste discretion.

There are salads and a hummus plate for starters, and for those who eat eggs (not me), there are supposed to be great breakfast items at Cafe Corner. I'll stick with lunch and dinner because I hate scrambled embryos. Cafe Corner is also big on fair trade coffee.

Check out the pictures and check out the food...apparently they deliver, so you might be able to sit on your butt while they whip up a delicious lunch between two pieces of bread.

Cafe Corner
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paas7701 said...

great spot. Been going for awhile....... Haven't seen much press till recently........great breakfast...... Truffled egg sandwich is my fav!