18 June 2009

Lac Viet

Vegetarian meat substitutes can sometimes be a scary proposition. There are familiar items like veggie burgers and veggie dogs. There are also replacement options like veggie chicken patties. The most frightening products include insidious-sounding laboratory creations like vegan haggis.

The vegetarian sandwich at Lac Viet is in a category that would have sickened me before I got the opportunity to sample it: vegetarian ham. First, I had to make sure that the menu wasn't referring to cured meat made from a pig that didn't eat meat. It wasn't; in fact, it is a vegetarian ham substitute.

The faux ham is piled on a crusty sub roll with lettuce, tomato and onions in a mildly spicy mayo. I upgraded the spiciness by adding a river of Sriracha. The bread is fantastic, and the sandwich is an absolute steal at $4.

Despite my aversion to fake meat products, the Lac Viet sandwich is something I'd try again. You never know if you're going to like something unless you try it, after all.

Lac Viet
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