05 June 2009

Samantha's Sunny Corner Restaurant

Getting my attention is a fairly simple proposition. Like a bull in the ring charging for the red cape, I can easily have my attention captured by a few choice occurrences.

Explosions--check. Megan Fox--check. The word vegetarian on your restaurant sign. Boom. You had me at the word vegetarian.

Samantha's Sunny Corner Restaurant and its vegetarian sign are located in Canton. Samantha's is a diner that serves breakfast all day. They also offer a number of vegetarian options on the menu.

Prices are very reasonable. Nothing on the menu is more expensive than $12. Service is brisk and informal.

There are only a couple of vegetarian items listed on the menu. However, according to the chalk board menu inside, Samantha's will try and make anything you want if you muster up the courage to request it. I imagine an eggplant and heirloom tomato Napoleon with herbed goat cheese sauce drizzled with pesto coulis (a dish fabricated in my head) might not be an option, but the policy does indicate that Samantha's is accommodating to the vegetarian diner and their possible dietary requirements.

The veggie wrap is extremely tasty. Zucchini, squash, red peppers, onions and mushrooms are griddled with local Swiss cheese in a thick, spongy pita wrap. It is served with a house made ranch dressing and a choice of sides which include chips, fries and potato salad. The dressing makes the vegetables in the sandwich sing. For $8, it's a great lunch portion.

The closest local comparison I can make for Samantha's is to juxtapose it with Gregory's Family Restaurant. I prefer the food at Gregory's to that of Samantha's, but since Samantha's keeps slightly longer hours, maybe you could grab lunch at Gregory's and dinner at Samantha's and everybody could go home a winner.

Samantha's Sunny Corner Restaurant

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