09 June 2009

Stark County Mexican Food for Vegetarians

Mexican food is the go-to international comfort food for many Americans. Vegetarians (many of whom are American) follow this same path.

However, Mexican cuisine has a couple of things that vegetarians need to be wary of when ordering from the menu in order to keep their vegetarian comfort zone intact.

The number one hidden animal product in Mexican food is lard, which is used in the preparation of traditional refried beans. A healthier dining public has caused some (but not all) kitchens to eschew using this ingredient.

As in most cases, the best course of action is to ask your server if the beans are made with lard (or take me if you need a Spanish-to-English translator...but you're picking up my margarita tab).

A number of places in the Canton area did me one better and actually list specific vegetarian items on the menu. It should save you the trouble of driving around town trying to figure out who uses pork fat in their beans, at any rate.

Chips and Salsa is a new place near Belden Village/Westfield Mall owned by Oscar McBenttes. The space has been transformed since its last incarnation as Ponderosa. The colors are bright and the atmosphere is festive.

The menu features six vegetarian combination plates, a quesadilla, guacamole and spinach and cheese enchiladas. The cheese enchilada was especially tasty. The salsa was also better than average.

Another option for vegetarian Mexican in the area is El Campesino. There are multiple locations that are more similar than different. The menu at El Campesino also offers six vegetarian combos.

Tlaquepaque is another restaurant with vegetarian options near the mall. Most of the vegetarian options are available a la carte rather than as combos.

Chips and Salsa

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