01 April 2010

Bagels by Captain Cream Cheese

Bagels by Captain Cream Cheese shares the same space as the recently opened Late Night Slice in the Short North. It is open during lunch and dinner, and it features many flavors of bagels in addition to soup and sandwiches.

The bagel flavors of the day included plain, egg, salt, poppy, garlic, gouda, edam, onion, Italian, apricot, spinach and three cheese. Topping options were butter, peanut butter, plain cream cheese, garlic cream cheese, jalapeño cream cheese and a hummus that was described by the proprietor as "way too garlicky" hummus. I considered myself warned and ordered a salt bagel with jalapeño cream cheese.

The bagel was soft, and the granules of sea salt that speckled the top of the bagel added a delicious crunch to the bread. The jalapeño cream cheese was creamy, rich and possessed an understated spice.

The soup was lentil ditalini. The chunky vegan soup was made with brown lentils, tomatoes, chard, onions, carrots, celery and short pasta tubes. The soup rests somewhere between a dal makhani and pasta fagioli. It is very good.

Bagels by Captain Cream Cheese also makes egg sandwiches on a bagel. All I can say to the ovo-vegetarians is that if the egg sandwich is half as good as the bagel and soup, it will be delicious.

BbCCC has a limited drink menu. Prices are very cheap. It is open until Mikey's Late Night Slice opens at about 8:30 pm.

Bagels by Captain Cream Cheese

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hungrywoolf said...

Yay for captain cream cheese bagels! It's a great addition to the Short North. Some of the other cream cheeses are really good too.

deraj1013 said...

I just tried the fresh ramp cream cheese today. It was delicious, and it will be delicious when I'm still tasting it a week from today! (And I'm not sure that's a bad thing, necessarily).