30 April 2010

Fuego Coastal Mexican

Not unlike most of the rest of America, Mexican restaurants in Mobile tend to be of the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all variety. Fuego breaks these shackles and delivers fantastic fare that makes it a dining destination on the Gulf Coast.

The Perez family transplanted the cuisine from their former stomping grounds (San Diego) to the Gulf Coast. Mike and Rosana Perez tired of the aforementioned characterless fare that is found in most Mexican restaurants in this country, and along with a like-minded chef, they decided to open Fuego. It gives diners who expect more from their South of the Border fare a new and better option.

Fuego always has a couple of vegetarian items on the menu. The pinto beans, refried beans and Spanish rice are not vegetarian. However, Fuego prepares black beans and puebla rice that are safe for vegetarians.

The margaritas at Fuego are fantastic. They pack tons of flavor into each drink, and they offer varieties that are far more exciting than the traditional frozen lime concoctions that most places offer. The watermelon cucumber margarita is a refreshing blast of fruit that lingers beautifully on your tongue.

Fuego also prepares tableside guacamole. Along with the chipotle salsa, it is a great starter.

The veggie enchiladas are stuffed with rice, red peppers, zucchini, corn and beans, topped with red sauce and queso fresco, and served with black beans, rice and a delicious dollop of mashed corn meal that ties the dish up with a bow.

The interior of Fuego is tastefully decorated with bright colors. The staff provides excellent service, and they are attuned to vegetarian dining concerns.


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