03 May 2010

The Bull

The Bull is a Southwestern restaurant located in Downtown Mobile. Although the focus of the restaurant is seafood, the Bull also features a couple of options for vegetarians.

The interior of the Bull consists of beautiful wood accents surrounding modern art. The bar is equally stylish, and it offers a fair selection of wines and cocktails.

The vegetarian appetizers are two salads and a chips and dips platter. I started with the Bibb salad with roasted beets, smoked tomato, pecans and quesa fresca in a honey chipotle dressing. Although the flavors were great, there was not enough dressing on the salad to accompany the gargantuan wedge of greenery in the center of the plate. The gamut of flavor was fantastic, while the portions of the ingredients were imperfect.

My main course was the smoked black bean cake with cedar-smoked tomatoes, Spanish rice, salsa verde and sour cream. The black bean cake was a smoky amalgamation of beans, peppers and corn. The sour cream adds richness to the cake, and the rice and green salsa add additional layers of complexity to the flavor profile. The skin on the roasted tomato should have been peeled in order to give the dish greater visual appeal. Other than that small complaint, the dish was a success.

The Bull is an excellent restaurant that offers great choices for vegetarians. Although they didn't hit every pitch out of the park, they definitely got the bat on the ball more often than they were thrown out.


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