06 October 2007

Dragonfly neo-v

Dragonfly is the undisputed champion of the Columbus area's vegetarian dining establishments, and even at brunch, they come out swinging. Chef Magdiale Wolmark carefully selects the creme de la creme of local produce to create a vegan dining experience that rivals the greatest temples of gastronomy in the region.

Dragonfly gets plenty of good press from sources like the Columbus Dispatch, the Washington Post and even Veg News based upon their fabulous dinner and the imaginative and well-selected drinks. But the $19.50 prix fixe brunch is one of the best values in fine dining in the Cow-lumbus area.

There was an all-you-can-eat first course consisting of green leaf lettuce salad, fresh tomato and olive oil pasta salad, multicolored been salad, squash hummus, blueberry muffins and tomato slices covered in fresh basil. It is served with complimentary coffee or tea. There are also many juices and cocktails available for an additional charge.

My second course was a risotto prepared gumbo style. It was earthy, rich, spicy and covered in a citrus-flavored green that was the bow on top of the gift box. The presentation is pictured above.

Wolmark changes his menu regularly, and grows many of the herbs and produce in a garden on site. There is a tremendous family vibe at the restaurant, where Wolmark and his wife Cristin Austin work alongside their happy-go-lucky children (both of whom are regulars while mom and dad are keeping the wheels spinning in the kitchen and on the floor at Dragonfly).

Check out the pictures below, and definitely go to Dragonfly whether you are vegan or a grade-A Atkins diet carnivore, because the food will transcend any dietary restriction you might have.


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