02 November 2010


Zydeco is a Cajun/Creole restaurant that opened Monday in the old Brewery District BW3. As with most Bayou-based restaurants, vegetarian options are somewhat limited. However, considering that I live six blocks away, I work Downtown, and I'm always looking for more lunch options, I found myself drawn to Zydeco.

If the name of this place sounds somewhat familiar, it's because the family that ran Cafe Zydeco in the Riffe Center basement also runs Zydeco on High. The High Street location is still in its formative stages; check back in the next few weeks if you want to see the place running at full speed.

The menu at Zydeco features a variety of sandwiches, a couple of appetizers and side dishes. The vegetarian sandwich is called All Hat, No Cattle, and is a grilled portabella sandwich served on a soft, warm roll with red peppers, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It is served with house made chips topped judiciously with scallions and mayo.

Vegetarian side dishes include mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato and regular French fries. The mac and cheese was creamy and delicious.

Prices at Zydeco are inexpensive. For now, Zydeco is open for lunch. Plans are to be open for dinner at a later date.

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