06 January 2011

This Meatless Week: Jan. 6, 2011

The meatless meetup groups are in full action this weekend. Both the Columbus Vegan Meetup Group and the Columbus Vegetarian Meetup Group are hosting restaurant events this Saturday.

The Vegetarian Group is meeting at the Olive Tree in Hilliard Saturday at 12:30 for lunch. In order to participate in the meetups, simply join the group and register for the event (the same goes for the Vegan Group).

The Vegan Group has a couple of events this week. Saturday, there is a lunch provided by the Columbus Winter Farmers Market. They are also teaming up with Mercy for Animals to promote plant-based diets at area colleges.

This Friday, a local filmmaker is shooting a documentary at Hal & Al's. I've previously written about their everyday menu and their Thursday vegan sushi night. They are debuting their new vegan sauerkraut balls and using the opportunity to show the world that the South Side is both fun and deliciously vegan-friendly.


queenbea18 said...

Also, Wellness Form Foods is having a free vegan dinner-- I believe it's Monday.

deraj1013 said...

I need to keep an eye on Wellness Forum events. It is added back to my radar.