26 March 2011

Lalibela Restaurant

Lalibela is an Ethiopian restaurant near Whitehall. The restaurant is tucked unassumingly into a strip mall, and the dining room is also squeezed between a large bar in front of the storefront and a performing arts space in the back.

I first heard about Lalibela from Alt.Eats.Columbus. It also recently hosted a Columbus Vegan Group meetup.

The menu has five vegetarian entrees. There are also salads. Both salads are prepared with hard boiled eggs, which can be held upon request.

My favorite menu option is the vegetarian sampler. It is five items served on an injera bread foundation with additional injera spools to scoop up food.

The veggie combo had sauteed collard greens, spicy red lentils, a yellow pea dish, a hot cabbage dish and a cold salad. The flavor of the lentils carried onion and garlic notes that were followed by a sneaky spiciness. The yellow peas had a sweet yet starchy character. The injera was a plentiful tool that allows for eating with your hands. Each of the parts of the combo platter is available as an individual dish.

Prices at Lalibela are very inexpensive, and portions are large. There is a full bar. Service was a relaxed and able to deal with vegetarian and vegan dining requests.


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