01 March 2011

Market 65

Market 65 is a Chipotle-esque take on salad, soup and sandwiches in the old San Francisco Oven spot Downtown. It opened for business February 28. Most ingredients are Ohio sourced, giving Market 65 a cool local focus.

Salads and wraps can be customized. The two vegetarian signature choices are the Hungry Vegan (spinach, spring greens, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and sesame seeds) and the 65 (arugula, roasted vegetables, grilled portobello mushroom, fingerling potatoes and parmesan crisps). There are a wide variety of dressings and a rotating soup du jour.

Much like Chipotle, Market 65 fare is prepared in an assembly line fashion. The veggies were chopped with a mezzaluna behind the counter in view of the customers.

The Hungry Vegan wrap is a classic tossed salad in a thin flour wrap. It is about the size of a medium burrito.

The cream of red pepper soup had a sweet flavor with a bright basil and garlic notes. It was served with whole grain bread.

Prices at Market 65 are inexpensive. There is seating for 50+ in the colorful dining room. Market 65 should be appealing to calorie conscious diners.

Market 65

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Crucial D said...

Do you know if the soup was vegan?

deraj1013 said...

It was cream of red pepper soup, so it was lacto-vegetarian, not vegan. They have one soup per day which can be vegan, vegetarian or none of the above.

steve said...

Where the heck do you park for this location??

deraj1013 said...

There are literally thousands of parking spots within a mile of this restaurant. There is a parking garage across the street, a lot on the opposite side, and tons of meter parking. I work downtown, so I walked, and I imagine that most customers would also be walking to Market 65 from work. I would imagine that the meters on High, Third or State would be easiest. Free parking downtown does not exist unless you live near the restaurant or if you have a work spot.