17 March 2011

This Meatless Week: March 17, 2011

The main event in this meatless week is the Great American Meatout. Of course, there are seven days in this week, so try some of these other options to keep your week both active and vegetarian friendly.

You can kill two birds with one stone at the grand opening of Loving Hut in Reynoldsburg this week. Loving Hut is Central Ohio's newest vegan restaurant, and they have a grand opening Saturday afternoon. You can then join Mercy for Animals members Tuesday and distribute samples of Loving Hut fare in Downtown Columbus.

Or use the Meatout as an opportunity to sample restaurants. Start your week off with green vanilla or Irish cream chocolate cupcakes from Pattycake vegan bakery. Friday could be an opportunity to try the vegetarian menu at DeepWood. Jim at CMH Gourmand has secured Athens' favorite food cart, the Burrito Buggy at Byrne's Pub Saturday, giving Columbus residents who didn't go to Ohio University a chance to sample a tofu and black bean burrito from the approved Bobcat hangover cure wagon. Sunday, grab brunch at Whole World. Dirty Franks offers the Columbus special Monday nights, made up of the Ohioana dog, fries and a Frostop root beer for $5. Ask Alana's to whip you up a tasty vegan or vegetarian degustation Tuesday. Wrap the week up with friends at Hal and Al's, where you can chase vegan dinner with vegan beer.

That sounds like the kind of week that even your friend who makes fun of vegetarianism would enjoy. Anybody want to join me?


Crucial D said...

"kill two birds with one stone."
bad choice of words for meatless week, eh?

deraj1013 said...

Could be. People will probably get over it.