21 April 2011

Third and Hollywood

Third and Hollywood is the high-end upgrade of the Northstar Cafe concept in Grandview. The menu is very accommodating to vegetarians much like Northstar.

The kitchen is open to the dining room. The dining room is accented with brick and dark wood.

Almost all of the side dishes and starters on the lunch menu are vegetarian, and many of the dinner starters are as well. Choices include cheddar biscuits, guacamole, grilled artichokes, a mixed green salad, a green bean salad, fries and a variety of vegetable sides.

The cheddar biscuits are absolutely divine. They are drenched in butter with flecks of cheese littered about the pillowy biscuit. They come in orders of three and six, and they would make a delicious meal by themselves.

The green bean salad came in a light dressing with roasted potatoes, herbs and cheese. It was an understated and delicate use of fresh ingredients.

The Mexican vegetable plate had black beans and rice, a pile of corn-spiked guacamole and grilled multicolored peppers topped with crumbled queso blanco. The dish was flavorful, running from smokey to savory to creamy. The peppers were soft and well cooked, and the cheese crumbles sweetened them up even more.

Third and Hollywood has a veggie burger. Like Northstar Cafe, it's on the expensive side ($14). While some people find these prices to be excessive for a veggie patty, considering the quality of the Northstar burger, it's probably worth a shot.

The bar at Third and Hollywood has a great selection of wine, beer and cocktails. The dessert menu is pecan pie, lemon tart and after dinner drinks.

Third and Hollywood

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