26 June 2008

The Pickle Barrel

On my brief trip out west, I had an opportunity to try Montana's favorite sandwich shop the Pickle Barrel. I'm not sure what kind of competition a deli has in Montana (I'm guessing not a lot), but despite its remote location, the Pickle Barrel makes one heck of a vegetarian sandwich. I'll take their word--they must be the best sandwich in Montana.

As a sandwich shop, if you only offer one veggie sandwich, it had better be damned good. The Pickle Barrel doesn't miss the mark with their interestingly-spelled Vegie sandwich. This sandwich is huge, stuffed with Monterrey Jack, Swiss and Provolone cheeses on top of black olives, mushrooms, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar, oil, spices and mayo (I hate mayo--but it's all yours if you like mayo). The ingredients are packed into a soft, white sub roll. The large sub is aptly described.

The Pickle Barrel also features breakfast items, ice cream, soup, chips, drinks and other items which include (of course) pickles. There are seven locations strewn throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Midwest. Unfortunately I failed to take pictures, so you'll have to stop in the next time you're in Montana in order to experience Big Sky Country's finest sandwich encounter.

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