09 June 2008


I screwed up and forgot my camera, but I figured I'd also mention Skully's as a place that serves vegetarian food. Skully's is more noted for their concerts, but many clubs (including Skully's) have figured out that a restaurant is a successful method of diversifying services and increasing revenue (See: Carabar; Empty Bottle).

I tried the hummus sandwich, which was made on 9 grain bread slathered in mashed chickpeas, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, lettuce and garlic. It came with a choice of vegetable of the day (steamed broccoli the day I was there) or fries. I also ordered fried macaroni and cheese, an item I order whenever I can because I am convinced that every so many years, somebody sees some type of food and decides, "Yeah...I could fry that." It's led to fried Twinkies, ice cream, Snickers bars, pickles, and now the children's lunch staple mac and cheese. I had to order it because I am a sucker for gimmicks after all.

I wanted to order the teriyaki tofu with pineapple from the seasonal menu, but the kitchen was out of tofu. The hummus sandwich was a good substitute. Other vegetarian options included the vegetarian BLT, which I stayed away from because vegetarian bacon scares me like nothing since the idea of vegan haggis. I'm sure Skullys' sandwich is good, but the first initial of the BLT makes me sick to my stomach, so I steered clear of the (most likely kosher) sandwich even though it is also safe for vegetarian consumption.

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