03 June 2008

Yogi's Hoagies

Yogi's Hoagies is a mini-chain with locations dotted all over the Buckeye state. They specialize in (surprise!) sandwiches, but also offer pizza and a wide variety of side dishes including chips, potato salad, mozzarella sticks and salads.

But why would I visit a sandwich shop to try anything but sandwiches? Yogi's features hot and cold sandwiches. I tried the veggie super hoagie, which is made with double cheese, lettuce, onions and banana peppers with oil, vinegar and spices. It is available in 8- and 16-inch versions.

The hot hoagie was tasty. There was enough cheese for it to melt out of the bun. It is not terribly dissimilar (other than the vegetable base) from the Great Steak Escape veggie sandwich. GSE is the first vegetarian sandwich I ever ate forever and a day ago, and while it is embarrassing for a vegetarian to say they used to eat at Great Steak Escape, it does bring back fond memories.

The Westerville location is a small, family-run spot. There is a drive-through, and it appears Yogi's also delivers. While sandwich shops typically aren't the most vegetarian-friendly eateries, I am going to stamp the veggie super hoagie from Yogi's as Nothing Better To Do approved.

Yogi's Hoagies

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Anonymous said...

yeah, their veggie hoagie is amazing. probably the biggest reason is because their buns have a wonderful crustiness to them. but they have many other items for non-meat others too, such as a great french bread pizza. and almost all their items are under $5 so you're getting quality superior to subway and quiznos for less money.

deraj1013 said...

You're making me hungry...

Steve Fresh said...

This is Steve, the ORIGINAL "sandwich artist" (as some lousy chain stole my slogan) of 13 years at the Yogi's in Westerville, and on behalf of Sue our owner I'd liketo thank you guys for your kind comments and welcome all new customers in to try the best darn sandwiches in the state of OH-IO!
Go Buckeyes!!