28 May 2009


Carabar is a cool independent music venue/bar/restaurant in Downtown Columbus. The kitchen (called the Helen Killer) features a great deal of vegetarian comfort food options that pair well with the great draft beers and the entertainment.

The backbone of the menu is hot dogs. There are vegetarian hot dogs available with toppings including vegan chili, sauerkraut, onions and condiments including ketchup, mustard and a stadium full of hot sauces. I actually ordered the vegan chili sans hot dog.

The chalk board menu doesn't list everything that the kitchen offers. It was recommended that I order a falafel hummus wrap. It might not have been on the Hellen Killer chalk board, but it was delicious enough to keep on the little chalk board menu in my head. Flattened falafel patties are pressed into a pita slathered in hummus on top of a bed of lettuce and tomatoes in a perfect base of tahini and hot sauce. It is as good of a falafel sandwich I've had outside of On the Fly.

There is a full service bar at Carabar. If you're drinking, however, Carabar definitely specializes in the brewing arts. The draft beer selection included Great Lakes Blackout Stout and Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. Prices are low, and they offer some steep discounts during Happy Hour.

The bad news about Carabar is that the current location will be kaput when the 70/71 reconstruction begins. The local community supports the place and hopes that it takes up root elsewhere. Luckily the move has been pushed back until about 2012, so enjoy there's a little more time to enjoy the Carabar experience.


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Lisa said...

If you like the falafel hummus wrap, you HAVE to try falafel tacos! They're available every day, but only $1 on Tuesday (along with regular beef tacos for the carnivores like myself). Order it without cheese and you've got an amazing vegan taco with Cara's special salsa.

deraj1013 said...

$1 tacos are killer, and anything with falafel is a winner in my book. It gets busy, but it's worth it. What I have to try is the new vegan sandwich on the menu. It's only been on there for a week or so, so I'd better get cracking. Thanks for the tips!