27 July 2009

Bexley Pizza Plus

Bexley Pizza Plus is one of the two pillars of Bexley's pizza establishments (the other one being Rubino's, which I'll have to write up on another visit). BPP makes pizza, sandwiches and salads, and they offer a plethora of topping options.

Bexley Pizza Plus has a sister location in Gahanna. The Bexley spot brags about a number of pizza-making accomplishments. My favorite one is the World Pizza Championship in Salsamaggiori, Italy because every place that competes there makes damned good pizza.

The crust is medium thick. It is crisp on the bottom, and airy with a hint of butter in the middle. The sauce is medium sweet with a bright acidity. The toppings are of a good quality. I wish I would have known that I could have ordered fresh white or portabella mushrooms instead of blanched mushrooms (or that I could order a specialty pizza with all three and feta cheese). The cheese was mild, generously applied and well melted.

There are a number of meatless pizza options, including the veggie (blanched mushrooms, green peppers, onions, roma tomatoes and extra cheese), the six cheese (provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, colby, parmesan and romano), margherita, white pizza, the farmer's market (spinach, broccoli, fresh mushrooms, roma tomatoes and feta cheese), and the Primavera (artichoke hearts, spinach, roma tomatoes, garlic and basil). There is also a veggie sub.

The crust is the best part of this pizza. The toppings are also very good. There is better pizza around than Bexley Pizza Plus, but the combination of toppings, crust and coupons makes BPP a pretty safe bet. There is definitely worse pizza. I'll have to pit it against Rubino's to see how it compares. The $4.99 8-inch lunch special with a drink looks like a safe way to get acquainted with the place at any rate.

Bexley Pizza Plus
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